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3D-Tester DREHplus V2 - Cause it's better.

3D-Tester DREHplus


With the 3D-Tester DREHplus you can measure tools on lathes in all axes X, Y and Z.

  • Innovative probing technology: the conical probing corpus has been adjusted to needs on lathes
  • Measuring of tools in all axes: X, Y and Z
  • Slim and clear because of its innovative design
  • Time-saving and precise as tools can be measured directly in the lathes with the DREHplus
  • Cost-saving as no expensive additional equipment is necessary


Innovative probing technology

The DREHplus has got unique probe tips with an innovative conical probing corpus made from hardened tool-steel.

The conical probing corpus has precisely been developed for the 3D-Tester DREHplus. When probing or reaching the zero position, the outline of the conical probing corpus is exactly on the symmetry axis. Because of the geometrical form of the conical probing corpus, also cutting plates with radiuses and/or anglescan be probed at any point of the probing corpus.

Item no. Description Shank Length Probe
001V2T34I 3D-Tester DREHplus with inch clock Ø3/4" approx. 136 Ø3,6 mm/Ø3,2 mm
00163T036 Probe tip DREHplus - 27 mm Ø3 mm
00163D099 Seal for 3D-Tester - - -
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Catalogue 3D Tester V2 German
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Flyer 3D Tester SAVEplus German
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Catalogue 3D Tester V2 English
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Flyer 3D Tester SAVEplus English
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Operating instructions 3D Tester