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The 3D-Tester VIplus in comparison to the 3D-Tester SLIMplus.

3D-Tester VIplus

The 3D-Tester VIplus (visual plus) is easier to read, even at large machines.

The 3D-Tester stands out with its robust structure and slim and attractive design. Its precise and versatile capabilities enable fast and easy calculation of work piece reference points and lengths. Probing is possible in all axle directions (X/Y/Z) at the same indicator resolution. As soon as the indicator is at “0”, the vertical axis is exactly on the edge of the work piece.

Item no. Description Shank Length Probe
001V2V05I 3D-Tester VIplus with inch clock Ø1/2" approx. 145 Ø3
001V2VI12 3D-Tester VIplus with inch clock Ø12 mm approx. 145 Ø3
00163D003 Probe tip small Ø3 - 27 mm Ø3 mm
00163D006 Probe tip long Ø6 - 62 mm Ø6 mm
00163D099 Seal for 3D-Tester - - -
001V2VR5I Repair service 3D-Tester VIplus - - -


Katalog 3D-Taster Deutsch.pdf
Catalogue 3D-Tester V2 German
Flyer 3D-Taster SAVEplus Deutsch.pdf
Flyer 3D-Tester SAVEplus German
Catalogue 3D-Tester English.pdf
Catalogue 3D-Tester V2 English
Flyer 3D-Tester SAVEplus English.pdf
Flyer 3D-Tester SAVEplus English
SLIMplus V2 Black (Metrisch).pdf
Flyer 3D Tester BLACK