Wednesday, 17th of July 2019

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Please print two copies of this form. One form send in together with the product and the second form is for your reference.

Tschorn GmbH
Dieselstraße 8
73660 Urbach

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For reparation we send in the following product:

  Article-no. Description Type Price per piece
0010010R0 Edge-finder mechanical   17,22 €
0010216R0 Edge-finder optical 2D-Ø16 40,64 €
0010220R0 Edge-finder optical 2D-Ø20 40,64 €
0010316R0 Edge-finder optical 3D-Ø16 65,00 €
0010320R0 Edge-finder optical 3D-Ø20 65,00 €
0011220R0 Edge-finder acoustic 2D-Ø20 71,93 €
0011320R0 Edge-finder acoustic 3D-Ø20 97,44 €
0020030R0 Zero setter optical   71,93 €

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