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Video CNC-die holders

Threads within seconds with CNC-die holders MINIflex

The MINIflex-holder has an axial and radial damping which compensates imprecision. This improves the tool-life, the thread accuracy and the thread surface.

• central coolant
• lengthy threads – absolutely precise
• safety process
• cost minimization
• high thread quality


Item no. Description Size Usable length Thread
00SFL0Z20 Base holder MINIflex Zyl Ø20    
00SFL0V20 Base holder MINIflex VDI20    
00SFL0V30 Base holder MINIflex VDI30    
00SFL0V40 Base holder MINIflex VDI40    



All these adaptors fit into the above mentioned base holders:

Item no. Description Shank Usable length Thread
00SEH1605 Exchange module   74 M1 - M2.5
00SEH2005 Exchange module   74 M3 - M4
00SEH2007 Exchange module   74 M5 - M6
00SEH2509 Exchange module   74 M7 - M9
00SEH3011 Exchange module   74 M10
00SEH3814 Exchange module   74 M12 - M14
00SEH4518 Exchange module   84 M16 - M20
00SEHER25 Exchange module     ER25 - M3 - M16
00SEHER32 Exchange module     ER32 - M3.5 - M20
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